Viva Belize!

Belize is a place I’ll never forget! This trip happened to be a girl’s trip, which made it even more memorable!

The time to travel for this trip was a little lengthy, but if you plan to leave early, things will work out just fine! We got to Belize at around 12 pm and had to catch another plane on a much smaller airplane through Maya Air to Dangria city. From Dangria we then had to an hour-long cab ride to the Jaguar Reef Lodge & Spa. The resort was amazing!

Walking up to the resort I knew we were in for a treat! We were greeted with welcome drinks and tour around the resort, which had about 6 other properties and a pool bar with an infinity pool.

We got settled in our room and immediately changed into our swimsuits to head to the first floor of our place where there was a super cute pool and a hot tub! We laughed and talked in the hot tub for a few hours and decided to get something to eat from the resort hotel, which was pretty tasty!

The next morning we got ready for my favorite part of the trip, massages on the beach! We had a yummy breakfast at Thongs Café, made our way back to the resort, and split up into two pairs. We headed to a pier where two ladies were waiting on us with the most serene smiles I’ve ever seen and in 90 minutes I knew exactly why their smiles were so peaceful. We didn’t need the typical ocean sounds you would get in a massage session, because the ocean itself gave us the serenade of a lifetime. We didn’t do much that day besides lounge around on the beach and tan like our lives depended on it!

For dinner we ate at Chef Rob’s Gourmet Café, which was literally next door to our room. We had on heels and could walk there! The ambiance was so nice and it felt tropical but chic. After dinner we headed back to our room with our dessert to-go for more laughter and fun!

The next day we were ready for adventure! We signed up for the half- day snorkeling tour with the resort moments before it was time. We even had to rush our breakfast and take it to go because we were just pressed for time. It reminded me so much of a movie scene where everyone is rushing out of the house on a Monday morning with Oj and toast in hand! Snorkeling was so much fun although the ride was a little scary as the waves that day was unusually rough on the route. When we finally made it to the barrier reef, I was in awe. The water was the most beautiful hue of blue I’ve seen and we would literally see straight down into the reefs from the boat. We spent about 30 minutes at two different reef locations then headed to a small island where other resorts were located to rest. We took this super cute group photo here! It’s my favorite from the trip.


Our last day was so bitter sweet! We packed our bags, headed down to the lobby and restaurant to check out and have breakfast, then it was time to take our hour-long cab ride back to the airport. Hopkins, Belize was such a great place for a girl’s trip and I would recommend the Jaguar Reef Resort to anyone that plans to visit. Happy Travels!

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